Hi, Traveller your quench for unending adventure has landed you at the cradle of the western civilization if you plan to visit the Hellenic Republic here are 10 famous places to visit in Greece.
Greece, with its 6,000 islands and some of the world’s most important ancient monuments, is famed for its natural beauty and interesting history. Greece is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, with ancient archaeological sites, cliffs cascading into the brilliant blue ocean, sand and pebble beaches, and a mild Mediterranean climate.

Aside from the capital, Athens, the mainland’s greatest attractions include Ancient Delphi and the Meteora monasteries. The majority of visitors, however, travel to catch a ferry to one of the islands, the most popular of which are Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Corfu, and Crete. Plan your trip with our list of the famous places to visit in Greece.

Acropolis, Athens

Arcopolis, Athens

The Acropolis is a rocky mound rising in the middle of contemporary Athens, crowned with three beautiful temples dating from the 5th century BC. It is considered the symbol of Athens and Greece, as well as Western civilization.

The Parthenon originally made up of 58 columns supporting a roof and ornamented with beautiful pediments and a frieze is the best-known and most distinctive.

The Archaeological Promenade is a 2.5-kilometer pedestrian road that skirts the foot of the Acropolis and connects it to the city’s other important ancient sites, including the Ancient Agora, the Roman Forum, Kerameikos, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Acropolis Museum, Athens

10 famous places to visit in greece
Archopolis Museum

One of Athens’ most popular tourist sites is the Acropolis Museum. It is an ultra-modern glass and steel edifice with light and airy exhibition areas, developed expressly to display ancient treasures from the Acropolis and designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi.

The Moschophoros (statue of a young man carrying a calf on his shoulders) from the 6th century BC, the Caryatids (sculptures of female figures that supported the Erechtheion), and the extremely contentious Parthenon marbles are among the highlights. Amazing views of the Acropolis may be had from the museum’s cafe-restaurant terrace.



The stunning Santorini is the most dramatic of all the Greek isles. Fira and Oia, on the west coast, are noted for their cliff-top settlements that appear to hang over a deep, blue sea-filled crater.

Both Fira and Oia are regarded as romantic places, popular for weddings and honeymoons, and are made up of characteristic Cycladic whitewashed cubic buildings, many of which have been turned into boutique hotels with infinity pools.

Sunbathing and swimming on the black volcanic sand beaches on the south and east coasts, as well as visiting the archaeological site of Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan settlement buried beneath lava following the volcanic eruption that created the caldera 3,600 years ago, are among the things to do in Santorini. The island has an airport and is connected to Piraeus, Athens’ port, by ferries and catamarans.


Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is often regarded as Greece’s most glamorous island getaway. Mykonos Town, known for its elegant boutique hotels, fine seafood restaurants, and live music venues, is the epicenter of after-dark activity.

Other highlights are Paraportiani (a whitewashed chapel in Mykonos Town) and the island’s south coast’s abundant sandy beaches (served both by bus and taxi-boat from Mykonos Town).

International celebrities flock to the island in particular like Lyndsey Lohan who owns her VIP beach house club there. Mykonos has an airport and is connected to Athens’ port, Piraeus, and Rafina via boat and catamaran.


Delphi Greece

Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Greek mainland. The place was sacred to the ancients, who came here on pilgrimages to worship Apollo (god of light, prophecy, music, and healing) and to seek wisdom from the mythological Oracle, which was built on the lower slopes of Mount Parnassus, overlooking a stunning chasm.

It is made up of the crumbling ruins of many temples, a theatre, and a stadium that date from the 8th century BC to the 2nd century AD. The Delphi Archaeological Museum, located nearby, houses an extraordinary collection of discoveries from the site. Delphi is located 180 km northwest of Athens.

Towns & Beaches of Crete

Crete Greece

Crete, Greece’s largest island, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The island attracts travelers from all over the world, all thanks to some of Greece’s best beaches.

Small arcs of sand backed by restaurants and promenades to wide-open natural stretches lapped by extraordinarily clear waters and infinite views over the sea are among Crete’s most popular beaches.
But Crete isn’t just about the beach. It features several noteworthy archaeological sites, notably the spectacular Palace of Knossos, which is located near Heraklion. The historical city of Chania and the laid-back town of Agios Nikolaos both offer lovely old shoreline areas that are ideal for spending long afternoons on a cafe terrace, getting lost in the views.

Get away from the crowds and head to smaller villages on Crete’s south coast, such as Plakias or Matala, for more isolated beaches and lovely mountainous scenery.

In addition to archaeological sites, beaches, and historical towns, the island is home to one of the most impressive hikes in the world: the Samaria Gorge.


Corfu Greece

Corfu is a popular tourist resort in Greece, located in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of the mainland. Corfu Town, the capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its magnificent Italianate architecture – it was dominated by the Venetians for centuries. You will discover two 16th-century fortifications and the arcaded Liston, along with old-fashioned cafes, on its charming pedestrian-only streets.

The island is lushly lovely away from the main town, with rough limestone rocks crashing into the sea in the north and velvety green slopes in the south. Paleokastritsa, on the west coast, about 25 kilometers from Corfu Town, is the most popular beach area.

A series of deep, curving coves sheltering sand and pebble beaches that reach into the perfect blue sea. Corfu has an airport and ferries from the Greek mainland cities of Igoumenitsa and Patras. Ferries from Ancona and Venice stop here during the summer.

Meteora Monasteries

10 famous places to visit in greece
Meteora Monasteries

The Thessaly Plain, with its odd rocky outcrops and centuries-old monasteries of Meteora, is one of Greece’s most peculiar sights. Six of the monasteries on the UNESCO World Heritage list are open to the public.

Each monastery is reached by ascending several flights of stone steps carved into the rocks, and inside are flickering candles, religious icons, Byzantine paintings, and burning incense.

Opening hours vary, and you’ll need at least one day in the area to view all six monasteries. Kalambaka is the closest town. Consider vacationing here since it’s a lovely and relaxing destination with tiny hotels and family-run eateries serving traditional cuisine.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, located in the Aegean Sea near Turkey. Rhodes Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Greece’s most popular tourist sites. The fortification system, which includes magnificent towers and gates built by the Knights of St. John after they acquired control of the island in the 14th century, is spectacular.

The old town’s car-free cobblestone streets are a treat to walk around. The lovely hillside coastal village of Lindos and Marmaris on the Turkish shore, which can be accessed by excursion boat, are also nearby attractions. Rhodes has an airport and regular ferries from Piraeus, the port of Athens.



Zakynthos (Zante) island is another popular tourist destination in Greece, with stunning beauty both above and below the water. It is also easily accessible, being only 16 kilometers off the west coast of Peloponnese in the Ionian Sea.

Pebble and sand beaches, the most famous of which is Shipwreck Beach, and spectacular sea caverns, such as the Blue Caves off the island’s northern tip, are two of the island’s main draws.

The shimmering water reflects the blue sky’s color on the cave walls, creating a magnificent radiance. The Blue Caves are only one of the island’s many underwater attractions. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also fantastic.

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