Are you aspiring to immigrate to the UAE and are unsure about the Green Visa? Here’s the complete guide to the UAE Green Visa 

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There is Good News for all people wishing to be UAE residents. The Government of UAE has launched its Green Visa provision for all foreigners hoping to stay in the UAE. 

Initially, a foreigner could only get a resident Visa if they are either sponsored by the company that employs them in the UAE, sponsored by the UAE Government or have property investments in the UAE.

As the resident Visa only used to last for two years, Green Visa is the better alternatives for all foreigners wishing to reside in the UAE.

What is UAE Green Visa and Who Can apply for it

What is UAE Green Visa?

Green Visa is one type of Resident Visa which allows the holder to sponsor themself without any need for external sponsorship from a UAE national or Employer for Five years. It also comes with loads of benefits compared to a regular resident Visa.

Green Visa allows resident permits for family members like – spouses, children, and first-degree relatives; children with special needs granting resident permits regardless of age. The person holding UAE Green Visa can also sponsor their male children up to 25 years and daughters with no age limit.

This Visa grants a grace period of 6 Months to stay in UAE after the Visa gets either canceled or expires. The Visa also gets renewed for the same period after it expires, i.e., of 5 Years.

Who can apply for a Green Visa?

The UAE Government has a specified slab for various foreigners who can apply for Green Visa. The information and document one needs to submit are in detail below.

Self–Employed or Freelancers 

This category of foreigners needs to show evidence of their income from Self Employment or Freelancing for up to 2 years and the amount being more than AED 3,60,000/- to prove their financial worth and financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE.

They also need to have a freelancing or self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and should hold a bachelor’s or diploma degree in the field.

Skilled Employees

This category of aspiring residents should have a Valid employment contract and be classified in the first, second, and third occupational levels as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The candidate of this category should hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a salary lower than AED 15000.

Investors or Partners 

Green Visa gives advantages to investors by providing five years of valid residence compared to a previous visa suitable for two years only. 

The candidates applying for Green Visa under this category must show their proof of investments and approval by the proper local authority.

If the Investor has a license for more than one investment, they estimate the total value of the investment.

What’s the purpose of the UAE Green Visa? 

The UAE Green Visa’s purpose is to attract young talents, skilled professionals, and investors to explore various opportunities available in the country and by facilitating the foreigners with the advantage of not requiring any sponsor or any host to obtain a resident Visa. Therefore, let’s grab this opportunity and apply for this new service.

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What’s Next 

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